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Pebble Flooring

Unique traditional pieces, little pieces of art, especially for outdoor spaces and courtyards.
Our pebbled floors describe and define the space with unique originality, harmoniously combining tradition with the modern, consistently.

Made primarily of white and black pebbles are placed on net, in order to be installed quickly and easily.
Furthermore, for the individual needs of your space it can be made especially for you by request according to your own patterns.


Black Cut Oval Pebble In Net

Cast Pebble Flooring with Crem Flat Pebbles 7-9

Cast Pebble Flooring with Mix Pebbles 7-9

Black Pebbles in Net

Cast Pebble Flooring Black Flat Pebbles 7-9

Cream Cut Oval Pebble In Net

Cast Pebble Flooring Emerald Green Pebbles 7-9

Cream Cut Pebble In Net

Cast Pebble Flooring with White and Colored Pebbles

Cream Mini Pebble In Net

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