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Paving Grid


The Paving Grid is a modern, ecologic ground reinforcement system.

It is an excellent alternative to "heavy" (physically and aesthetically) concrete pavement slabs, concrete openwork plates, sett, asphalt, and other types of hardened surfaces.


These permeable pavers are manufactured in EU from 100% recycled HDPE. It is designed for maximum load transfer and support up to 250 t/m2. Grids are connected by means of self-locking catches. Assembly of system elements is fast and easy.


This product is a compromise reconciling requirements of strength, permeable surface and the pursuit of maintaining a natural look of the managed surface. It performs perfectly on vast green terrain, access roads, parkings, slopes, and sidewalks.


After sowing grass or using a gravel filler, the grid becomes practically invisible. Thanks to this, designers and investors can fully exploit the aesthetic qualities of a natural surface and design spaces with changing colors or textures. A surface such as this simultaneously exhibits large resistance to mechanical damage such as: wearing, treading

Dimensions: 0,50 x 0,50 x 0,04 m