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Aquarium's Materials

For the fans of the aquarium, we have carefully chosen beautiful, special stones with proper chemical composition, without sharp edges in order not to risk injury to the fish.
Note that the limestones should not be placed in freshwater aquariums. Instead, they are suitable for saltwater aquariums, because they help maintain a high PH.
Stones without mineral impurities, which is usually the case with rocks, suitable for freshwater aquariums are granite, basalt, quartz and slate. With these stones, the leakage of mineral salts in the water of your aquarium is avoided.


Black Gravel

Beige Quartz Sand

Black Pearl Cobblestone

Flat River Cobblestone

Green Glass Gravel

Ceramic Pebble

Grey Granite Pebble

Ice Stone

Claret River Cobblestone

Iris Pebble

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